The Summer Months

     The summer months are hot. Vacations. Kids out of school. Days are long. Hunting season is months away. So, what’s a bowhunter supposed to do? Suggestions.
     First, keep shooting your bow. Far to many bowhunters hang their bow after the last day of the season, taking it down just days or perhaps weeks before the season opener. It’s no wonder that misses are common on opening day. Deer are wounded to suffer and die, or worst yet suffer and don’t die. So, keep shootin that bow.
     Second, summer is often a time to get new equipment and start practicing right away. Remember last year when you thought your bow, arrows, or broadheads were not performing as you would like? You thought about getting a new setup. Summer is a good time to do that. Go ahead a use that credit card, or dip into the saving account, or work a few extras. No, I’m not joking. Do it!
     Third, Summer is a very good time to secure new leases on hunting properties. Get a map, google, research new places. Make some calls. Make a few visits. Talk with landowners. There are some pretty good Hunting Lease Businesses around these days. Get on line and check them out. You may want to make a few trips to some public hunting places as well. This can get really exciting.
     Four, summer is a great time for making your hunting property better. Clearing timber, preparing cleared ground, rearranging stands, putting out mineral licks, clearing shooting lanes, working on roads, bushhogging, and maybe even working on the camphouse.
     Five, have you thought about bowfishing, hog hunting, predator hunting, or even shooting tournaments? Hey, you’ve got your bow in hand for all of those things. Research what all of that is about and get with it.
     Summer is long, hot and often a time to be laid-by when it comes to bow and arrows. But, it should not be, and it does not have to be. Let’s make this summer productive by having some bowhunting fun. It also can be a time of “reminiscing get togethers” with our bowhuntin buddies. See you at the camp.


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