“Heard of Quality Deer Management Association?”

Back in the 60’s, that is the 1960’s, my dad belonged to a Mississippi River hunting club. “Deer were abundant” is a gross minimization. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of deer. We could ride our jeep through the woods any time of the day or night and see large groups of deer. The sightings reminded me of Buffalo herds of the early 1800’s. THEN, a group of “Deer Biologists” from Mississippi State University showed up. At that time research on Whitetail Deer was in it’s infancy.

The biologists did a “study” of the eleven thousand acre property.They concluded that our club should harvest at least 600 does the next year. The old timers in the club stroked. Killing a doe was anathema. Right up there with kissing your sister. However, after some period of arguing about the details and listening to the reasoning of the biologists, the Board of Directors instructed the members to commence killing does during the upcoming season. And, kill does they did. The skinning rack was always piled high with deer, mostly does, and a few small bucks.

That was just the beginning for our club. Down through the years Deer management became the norm for Federal, State, and local game enforcement agencies. Other private organizations, like
Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), composed of like-minded people, have joined together for the good of the deer we hunt. Quality deer are not trophy deer, although trophy deer are surely quality. Give QDMA a close look. I believe you will like what you see. In fact, go ahead and join the Association and become a supporter of this great organization. Click the link below.

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