“Does This Look Familiar?”

I sincerely hope you and all your Bowhuntin Buddies make tree stand safety a priority. Once upon a time I attached my safety harness AFTER I got into my tree stand. UNTIL one frosty afternoon. I was climbing a perfect tree (hard to find) with one of my Summit Climbers. As I was approaching my stopping spot on the tree, the bottom portion of my stand slipped (all tree stands will slip at times) just as I was about to pull the top part up. In other words, my body was exposed to nothing but air as I tipped away from the tree in the exact direction my stand had slipped. Oops! Didn’t plan on that one. Fortunately I was able to recover without a rather lengthy fall. Whew!
As I gathered myself, I quickly secured my safety harness around the tree before I continued my climb. Guess what? When I climbed down at dark my safety harness, attached to the tree, followed me all the way to the bottom of the tree. I have not climbed up or down a tree without my safety harness securely attached to the tree. My middle school principal would say “A word to the wise is sufficient my friend.” What about climbing into a hanging stand? Next time.

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